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SPARK Process

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Our project is making a product to assist arm amputees in cooking, this is because we found that amputees experience isolation when they are unable to cook as cooking can be a big part of people’s lives. Therefore we designed and prototype a product which can help amputees to cook, allowing them to gain the experiences they once lost or never experienced, however in this process we realized that we made a product that can assist all people in cooking, for example if they have little in cooking. Whilst designing the product, we also began raising awareness about the isolation amputees experience because they are limited in many everyday actions we take for granted. To combat this, we made a campaign where people are challenges to live for a day with only one arm, highlighting the struggle amputees face through first-hand experience.

PrepMate started from a Loughborough Enactus team a few years ago, they initially thought about making an prosthetic arm, however they adapted their idea to make it easier to design and manufacture. Deciding to make a product that would assist with cooking because they found from talking to amputees that they felt isolated because they were not able to do normal things like cooking, that’s when PrepMate was born.


It is a project dedicated to tackling the issue of dental hygiene poverty amongst youth. We plan to work closely with local schools and dentists in order to provide vital education on the importance of dental hygiene to children, whilst also providing dental supplies to those who cannot afford them.

We define Dental Hygiene Poverty as the inability or the inaccessibility of an individual to maintain good oral hygiene. Our goal is to eradicate it in an area that is clearly in need of care. In a country where 25% of 5 year olds suffer from tooth decay, we aim to reduce this percentage in the space of one year, and change the attitudes around dental hygiene for the better.


It is a platform that aims to educate people on mental health issues and signpost them to the most suitable place for them to get help. Alongside professionally run mental health workshops that we provide for students, we aspire to improve mental health awareness in all Loughborough Students.


It is a meal box service that teaches its users to create cheap, healthy, vegetarian meals in less than 20 minutes using locally sourced ingredients. Prep’d this year is going to be run by freshers who want to run their own projects, but not invent one. It is going to be used as a case study to solve problems and see if the project is run with success.