Project Insights

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How It All Started

PrepMate started as a project to create a more affordable prosthetic. But when we researched the problem more thoroughly, we found two things: first, that we did not have the expertise to make a good prosthetic, and second; amputees had problems that the prosthetic wouldn’t solve. Cooking independently is one of these issues that many amputees face which isn’t solved by a prosthetic.

What Have We Done

We pivoted to developing a chopping board that could make cooking easier for those with upper limb differences.

Awards And Pitches

At the time of writing PrepMate has won £6000 in grants from the Ford Fund and HSBC. These we are investing in user testing to create a product that is fit for purpose.



User testing is going on now, with Paralympic athletes. We hope to have a design by the end of summer, and start our crowdfunding campaign in December. Look out for it!



How It All Started

One of our new teams was going through the SPARK process and were inspired by a radio show that spoke about how it can be difficult for people with mental health issues to find suitable professionals. In turn, ReMind was developed aiming to improve mental health in Loughborough students by signposting them to the most suitable services. At this time, we had another project based around mental health in sport called JCADE. In order to focus our efforts in this area, we decided to merge the projects together under the name ReMind to combine the expertise from both teams.

What Have We Done

We have organized a workshop on mental health in sport, which was run by the mental health charity Mind, for local sportspeople and coaches. Work also began on the JCADE website, which now has 19 blogs posted and the ability to purchase JCADE merchandise. We also partnered with Military Mindset to host a health and wellbeing day titled Overcoming Adversity.


Awards And Pitches

We pitched for an Individual Topic Competition (ITC) at Sodexo and won a total of £500 throughout the process


In the future we are hoping to develop the project to make more of an impact on Loughborough students, we are going to organize some more workshops on mental health to educate and help people. We are also aiming to plan a conference with panelists from different local mental health charities. We would also want to set up a ReMind website, aimed at educating students on what local mental health services there are and what each of them are most suitable for.