Our Projects

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Enriching Future Genereations

At EFG we have identified that the current education system doesn’t fully provide students with valuable soft skills, with 1 in 3 UK employers value these over academic achievements. Therefore, we are passionate to tackle this modern problem through interactive workshops delivered at local secondary schools. This style of teaching is provided by volunteers and existing resources from HE Unboxed, a Loughborough University department.

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Safe Tutor

SafeTutors' mission is to create an all inclusive training course for students who would like to be tutors. We will be providing an engaging online course that covers the basics of tutoring, placing emphasis on preventative methods to improve the mental health of tutees. We're now looking to sell and distribute our course and potentially make additional courses for those who have learning difficulties.


Cause Apparel

Cause Apparel is a modern, sustainable Ready-to-Wear clothing line for individuals who want to support charities while being fashionable. We work with designers to create unique and authentic designs that embody the aims and passion of selected charities. 

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PrepMate started in 2018 where the team identified that those with upper limb differences struggle to chop and prepare food with confidence in the kitchen. The project today is still within the development stage but over the past few months has accelerated to the point of where we are nearly able to start wider and long term user testing. Here at PrepMate we are passionate about creating a chopping board which will be functional, aesthetically appealing and life changing for those who use it.

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Sileo helps provide laptop access to homeless people in and around Loughborough. We aim to source used and refurbished laptops from the public, private donations such as local businesses, and the university to distribute our beneficiaries.