Our Enactus Committee 19/20



I lead the society. I’m trying to create a society that we all have a stake in, and one that can continue after we go off and do other things. It means I distil the vision from everything we all want to do, create a strategy from it, and ensure that we work towards that with everything we do


Peter Trung-Vu - Vice President

My personal vision is to help develop a group of talented individuals to become more confident and competent in their leadership abilities. To achieve this, I prioritize communication with every one of our members to truly understand how it is I can assist them, not only in their Enactus work but in their own personal development as well. Part of my role includes overlooking existing projects to ensure that they are creating measurable impacts that enrich both their beneficiaries and all those involved with the project.

My end goal is to create an environment that inspires individuals to always push their own limits and achieve goals that exceed expectations.

Lara .png

Lara Pearson - Corporate Relations Executive

As the Corporate Relations Executive (CRE), I am the main point of contact for any external advisors, such as business advisors from our sponsor companies. I build and maintain a support network for our team to help improve our projects and the events we organize throughout the year. Part of my role also involves organizing Advisory Board meetings where our project teams present their idea and explain what progress they’ve made so far to some of our business advisors.


Ishika Jain - Innovation Manager

Innovation Manager – supporting the generation of sustainable social enterprise projects through management of the creative SPARK hub: an incubator supporting ideation, research and feasibility and testing processes needed launch to exciting and impactful social enterprise models


Omar Al-maaytah - Project Manager of PrepMate

As my role as project manager I have to decide the long term goals for the project and plan a strategy to ensure that our goals are met. In addition, I assign people to a position where they would be most appropriate and useful to increase effectiveness within the team. There are many different elements within the Prep Mate team so I have to make sure they all work coherently to allow our vision to become a reality.


Arsenio Renato Jr - Marketing Manager

I am responsible for raising awareness of the society. I look after our online platforms as well the design of the Marketing Framework of Enactus Loughborough.

My vision is broadcast our society in a way that it can be known better known inside and outside of campus. I want to enable our projects to reach more beneficiaries, as well as project change opportunities to cope with increasing support given to social enterprise communities.


Sanaya Patel - HR and Recruitment Manager

Hi I’m Sanaya and I’m the HR & Recruitment manager of Enactus Loughborough. My role includes advertising Enactus to students to make sure as many as possible know about the incredible work we do and benefits we offer. I also look after existing member welfare and most importantly organize all the society socials.


Verity Howes-Yarlett - Commercial Manager

My role is commercial manager and so I'm in charge of the team that helps fundraise money for the enactus team through commercial events.