"Enactus Loughborough was hugely beneficial to my personal development during 1st and 2nd year at university. I had an absolute blast and met some life long friends, but ultimately helped to make real difference in the community. On the back of Enactus, I joined one of their corporate sponsors, Accenture, to do management consulting. The enactus experience, especially my committee role (CRE) was super beneficial during the application stages and I also developed skills that I still put into practice now!"

Josh garwood


"Enactus rocks. If it sounds biased, it’s because it is.
I started University 2 weeks after I turned 18. Several months later I’d started a social enterprise and not long after, we raised £30k. I presented our work at Nationals and from it got a job offer from KPMG. I came back as President and built a 80 person team. Together, we generated £10k from 5 social enterprises (3 of them award-winning) on 3 different continents.
If you want your own story like this, Enactus is the place for you"



"Enactus has provided me with a unique opportunity to learn key leadership and teamwork skills in an environment where I was given the responsibility to make a real impact on the lives of others. The network I've met through the organisation, confidence I've developed in my own abilities and business skills I've attained have all empowered me to start and develop my own business over the last year."



“ I’m now almost 7 years since I left the Enactus Loughborough team. It’s hard to describe the journey that I went on with Enactus. During the two years I spent in the team, I really committed myself into the team, applying, testing and pushing theories I was learning in my degree into the real world. Through this commitment I was fortunate to meet some fantastic personal and professional connections many of which I have continued to connect and work with for a number of years. For me Enactus was always about doing something meaningful and creating a lasting impact and legacy - going back to the university and looking online today I am still humbled to see the legacy of a number of the projects that the team setup whilst I was there. There are not many times in your life when you get access to senior leaders and high performing peers in an environment which is highly pressured but without the commitments that can lead to stress. It really is a fantastic opportunity to push yourself, learn and create life long friends and connections “